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winter 2019


Cartel Snow specializes in providing larger size ski and snowboarding clothing. We run a range of stylish men's and women's jackets and pants which are designed to give top of the range protection, even in larger sizes. 

For women, sizes run from size 6 all the way through to size 26, and in the men's 2XS runs all the way to 6XL. What's more, all our snow gear is fully breathable as well as waterproof, meaning perspiration escapes through the clothing without compromising on protection, leaving you comfortable all day long.

Most clothing tend to increase both leg and waist length proportionately, in what is perhaps a short-sighted approach to sizing. Where some brands assume a size 5XL might be 7' tall, Cartel Snow keep the measurements in proportion for the majority of us that don't necessarily get taller when we get into those bigger sizes.


There's a million and one things that can make life crazy... business, kids, work, the economy, school, politics, groceries, the dog, bills, traffic, the weather, your mortgage... you name it and there's a potential for it to disrupt the endless good times we're all seeking. So when life gets a little wild, keep it in check.

We're winter people. This is our favorite time of the year, and no matter how crazy the real world gets, we've got the answer: get out on the mountains and forget about it. Put real life on the back burner and do what you do best... go ride.

This is the season that we live for. We spend the entire year thinking about what this winter will be like, how many powder days we'll get, how early the snow will fall, and how late the season will last. So when life takes a wacky turn, just remind yourself... IT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES!